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A unique opportunity exists for Cardiologists, General Practitioners and Cardiac Service Organizations that need low cost real-time HOLTER monitoring systems.

The COMPAS is a 3 channel miniaturized solid state ambulatory battery operated cardiac monitor, which is FDA approved.

It contains very sophisticated ECG analysis algorithms and provides accurate, fully automated and continuous ECG analysis in real-time.

The system detects, diagnoses, digitally records, and signals silent and symptomatic arrhythmias as well as ischemic changes upon occurrence.

The report is generated automatically when connected to a printer. The time correlated hardcopy report contains: ECG strips, Bar Graphs, Tabular Summaries, and selected Events Strips documenting assessments of ECG deviations.

Comprehensive data is supplied on Arrhythmias, ST segment alterations, Heart-Rates and Total Beats.

Over 3,000 COMPAS units were sold worldwide.

A short movie presentation of the Compas is given below:

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(MPEG -  2 min., about 2.7 MB)

Price List

No Description Price*
1 Compas (C+) - Package** $ 3,950 / $ 2,950
2 Compas (C1) - Package** $ 1,950 / $ 950
3 Report Generator
Printer + Interface (Demo)
N.A. / $ 195
4 Data Entry Unit - DEU
For patient ID, Date, etc)
$ 95 / $ 75

* A special package & price is available to distributors.

**  Compas Package includes: Compas Main Unit, Two Battery Packs, Battery Charger, Leather Case, Operation Manual and some additional accessories.

Note: Compas C+ is the newer version, more saved ECG strips (more memory), detailed Arrhythmia analysis and hourly reports, while Compas (C1) has very similar features it is the older version and has 15 minutes resolution report. Both units operates/monitoring for 24H and have the same dimensions and look.


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