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Imexco's portfolio is presented here mainly in three categories:

  1. Existing core technologies and products.  

  2. Future products that are derivatives of our core technologies.  

  3. Future products that are based on Founderís professional know-how, market trends and needs studied during the last decades. They are displayed here to show the company capabilities to develop those technologies and implement the related products.

Imexco intends to exploit its proprietary technologies in diverse medical and non-medical related application areas. The portfolio contains cutting-edge technological ventures at various stages of development, partial list is provided below:

Life Sciences


  Neuro-Brain Monitoring

Most advanced ambulatory brain monitor"

Neuritor - ST A 30 minute monitor, used in Hospitals as a desktop device for routine EEG recording and analysis. Licensed
Neuritor - EX


  Brain monitoring in ambulatory and  home care environments for the acquisition and analysis of brain and heart activities for 24 hours.    
Neuro - HSL - Home Sleep Laboratory. Diagnostic Home Sleep Laboratory system.  A miniaturized system for the home care market, designed to detect, analyze and record multiple sleep related parameters in real-time.
Brain Mapping   Localization of an epileptic focus/center or a tumor, which is a certain location in the brain where the abnormal activity originated.    
  Cardiac Monitoring

"The next generation of cardiac monitoring"



CardioScope-ST A miniaturized 12 channel ambulatory ECG diagnostic monitor
CardioScope-EX The basic system is enhanced by additional real-time medical data processing capabilities.
CardioScope-TEL Multiple telemetry and central station solutions utilizing wireless telemetry band and RF spectrum.
CardioScope-NET An exploitation of Cardio-Core content technology over the Internet. Medical data transmission, consulting and worldwide medical conferences.
  Chronic Pain Detector

"Will revolutionize the treatment of pain"

Neuro - CPD It is a digital diagnostic tool for the detection, monitoring and verification of pain.



  Antiques Online Catalogue
Antiques and collectables web site. Operational since 1998.


Physio-Comp Technologies    Quantitative and qualitative data compression and encryption. Unique adaptive method for physiological signals data processing.  


Regional Cerebral Activity   The generation of Regional Cerebral Activity (RCA) signals. Localization of inactive or damaged nerve cells for  early detection of brain abnormalities.  


Voice Activated Devices

Voice activated devices using unique security encryption for medical and non-medical applications.


Virtual Reality   Virtual reality and simulations for medical (remote surgery) and other (entertainment) applications.  


PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System.



The current 'hot' applications in the medical area include: biosensors, embedded chips and implants, telemetry, mobile video devices, medical data encryption/encoding, imaging software, three dimensional data processing and storage, robotics and tele-surgery applications.

It is important to emphasize that although the usual portfolio category of our business is Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Healthcare, the core technologies developed by the company may also have applications in other related areas, including: telecommunication, Internet content applications, digital video and audio processing, dedicated System on Chip (SoC) applications, security systems and other areas whose common denominator is Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies.

The major factors, among others, when considering an investment in such a venture are:

  • Market - large established and expanding market.

  • Management - people that can get the job done, sound management
        with past performance.

  • Technology  - a solid technology that can be commercialized.

  • Competition - a marketing strategy and product (s) that have
        competitive advantages.

  • Price - a 'good deal', a reasonable price per share.

    These factors were considered when Dr. Ram decided to invest his own moneys in the diversified activities of his company.


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