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Imexco General
has been involved in the development of medical diagnostic equipment in Neurology and in Cardiology for almost two decades.

Imexco's objective is to develop, produce and market innovative technology intense products. It utilizes its diverse experience and knowledge, in conjunction with the most recent technological innovations in computer hardware, software, internet and cellular applications.

The company was incorporated in Israel in 1985 by Dr. Giora  Ram, who has been the Chairman of the Board ever since.

Imexco owns exclusively proprietary 'core' technologies that were developed by the company, the Neurology related - the Neuro-Core and the Cardiology related - the Cardio-Core.

The Neuro-Core was the base to the successful development of a new neuro-brain monitor - the Neuritor. The Neuritor received the American Food and Drug Administration - the FDA clearance to market it as an Electro-Encephalo-Graph  (EEG) device.

The Neuritor-ST was licensed to a subsidiary of the Israel Aircraft Industries that went public in the US (NASDAQ-MDTL) in 1993. The technology, which was developed by the company for over 5 years, remained the proprietary ownership of Imexco.

In addition, Imexco has proprietary technologies and capabilities in diverse medical and non-medical related application areas as shown at the company's Portfolio.

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