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IMEXCO General Ltd. seeking additional capital and partners

Tel-Aviv, Israel - IMEXCO General Ltd., a privately held leading innovator in the medical monitoring area, announced today that the company is seeking additional capital to implement its new portfolio of products and bring them to the market.

Dr. Giora Ram, the founder of the company established in 1985, said that: "...the company is open to various types of investments, including: equity, acquisition, merger or any other type of mutually agreed upon cooperation and investment...".

The company owns a Cardio and a Neuro Core technologies in addition to certain digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms developed during the last decade.

"Imexco's basic philosophy, said Dr. Ram, was to develop first a wide and solid technology base, which will yield the products". This approach proved to be successful in developing the first product lines in Neurology (FDA approved) and in Cardiology.

This DSP is the building block in many application areas that Dr. Ram is knowledgeable of and was involved in, including: Space Research (Satellite Image Processing), Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Voice DP, Telecommunication, Monitoring in Neurology and Cardiology. 

The most exciting product in development, said Dr. Ram , is the Neuro-CPD. a chronic pain detector. that will revolutionize the treatment of pain by physicians for the benefit of all parties involved.

It may localize and classify the source and type of pain, psychological or biological, which may avoid in certain cases unnecessary surgery.

"We may save billions of dollars on inappropriate procedures and insurance companies will save on unjustified insurance claims".

"Although there is a special focus on the medical field, it is important to emphasize, said Dr. Ram, that the capabilities of the company to develop innovative products are in diverse application areas, whose common denominator is DSP technologies".

He also noted that: "...the list of the companies in NASDAQ that have DSP in their products is substantial"...

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